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Helping create opportunities in Peru and Colombia

With your support, we can break the cycle of the poverty for only $99/month.

What We Do

We have seen how education can break the cycle of poverty and enable students, who have extremely limited financial resources, to pursue careers. Through a meticulous selection process, we identify students who are motivated and have a genuine desire to make a positive impact in their communities. Once selected, our scholarship recipients receive financial support and mentorship throughout their education journey.

Scholarship Programs
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Financial Support

Offering financial assistance to ensure that deserving young people have the means to access higher education.

Mentorship and Guidance

Helping students to make informed decisions and set goals for their future.

Skill Development

Ensuring our students are well-rounded and prepared for long-term success.

Pay It Forward

Contributing to their communities through impactful initiatives that drive positive change.


Real Results

Our scholarship program has produced incredible results. Graduates not only excel in their chosen fields but also continue to give back to their communities both through Make a Miracle's alumni group and on their own. This dual impact, both individual and communal, exemplifies the enduring influence of our program.

Be a Hero - Sponsor a Student
I am very grateful to Make a Miracle for all the support provided over these years, both in my studies and personally. I am also very thankful for the people I have been able to meet. The impact that Make a Miracle has left on me, my family, and all the people who join this beautiful family has been very significant. Currently, I am working in what I love the most, and this would not have been possible without all the support received from Make a Miracle.

AImar B.


Make a Miracle was a significant event in my life. Getting to experience what it means to give a little of yourself to others and have it returned to you in the same way, multiplied by a thousand, is something magnificent. Thanks to this, I can now support my family and fulfill my dreams.

Craig Castro


I am very grateful for the opportunity that Make a Miracle is giving me; not only the scholarship, but getting to know wonderful people, people that you can really trust and who give good life advice. Make a Miracle is not only an organization, we are a team, a family and now I see that many good things exist in the world. I have heard many stories of overcoming and survival from the people who make up this large family. It fills me with many emotions and I see that I really share something in common with my companions: a desire to get ahead, to help your family and neighbors, with the objective of bringing out a happiness that comes from the depths of our hearts.

Alejandra A.

Current Student

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